2023 HRACO HR Awards

HRACO is excited to announce the highly anticipated HRACO HR Gala Awards 2023, taking place on September 26. This prestigious event will be a celebration of excellence, innovation, and dedication within the human resources profession in Central Ohio. We cordially invite you to participate in this momentous occasion by submitting nominations for the following award categories:

Our awards are proudly sponsored by Aflac.


Emerging Professional of the Year:
The Emerging Professional of the Year award recognizes individuals who have displayed exceptional promise and have made significant contributions to the field of HR. We are seeking nominees who have utilized innovative opportunities to advance human resources within Central Ohio. If you know someone who has demonstrated outstanding talent, passion, and a drive to push the boundaries of HR practices, we encourage you to nominate them for the Emerging Professional of the Year Award.

HR Excellence Award:
The HR Excellence Award is a distinguished accolade that acknowledges individuals who have consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication, leadership, and a commitment to excellence in their HR endeavors. This award recognizes outstanding contributions or programs that serve as a benchmark of the highest quality within the Central Ohio HR community. If you are aware of someone who has consistently raised the bar and set new standards, we invite you to nominate them for this esteemed award.

HR Innovation (Company or Team):
Innovation is a driving force in the HR profession, and the HR Innovation Award aims to recognize companies or teams that have implemented new and groundbreaking HR projects or programs in Central Ohio. We are looking for organizations or teams that have introduced innovative strategies, practices, or technologies, resulting in tangible and positive impacts on their organization and the broader HR community. If you know of a company or team that has revolutionized HR practices, please nominate them for the HR Innovation Award.

DEIB Professional of the Year:
Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are fundamental in creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace and community. The DEIB Professional of the Year award acknowledges individuals who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in advancing DEIB initiatives within Central Ohio. If you know someone who has made significant positive impacts on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, we encourage you to nominate them for this prestigious award.

HRACO Volunteer of the Year:
At HRACO, we value and appreciate the contributions of our members to both our association and the field of human resources in Central Ohio. The HRACO Volunteer of the Year award is dedicated to honoring an individual who has selflessly devoted their time and efforts to volunteer work that has positively impacted HRACO and the HR community. If you are aware of a dedicated HRACO member who has made a significant difference through their volunteer work, please nominate them for this important recognition.

To submit a nomination, please complete this form. The deadline for nominations is August 16.

Thank you for your active participation in the nomination process for the HRACO HR Gala Awards 2023. Your nominations will play a pivotal role in recognizing the exceptional HR professionals and initiatives that are shaping the future of the profession in Central Ohio.

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