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HRACO’s College Relations community has been coordinating the mentorship program with Central Ohio college students since 2003. The goal of the Mentor Program is simple. It is designed for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a career in Human Resources who want to learn how their studies apply outside the academic world. Students are matched with HR professionals from HRACO who serve as mentors for emerging HR professionals.

As mentors, HRACO members have the unique opportunity to help enrich the experience of an HR student and to help guide them in making career and professional development decisions. By advising and sharing your knowledge and experiences, you will be able to improve your coaching and leadership skills, and actively contribute to the strength and future of the workforce entering your profession.

Typical involvement for a mentor involves resume review, interview preparation, mock interviewing, job shadowing, networking, attending HRACO luncheons, attending HRACO networking events, virtual meetings, email correspondence on HR topics, and anything arranged to make the mentorship valuable.

HRACO is proud to support Central Ohio’s local collegiate Human Resources Associations (HRA), undergraduate and graduate students studying Human Resources, and students interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources. Our goals are to serve as students’ point of contact with HRACO; arrange speakers for HRA and other related association meetings; provide education about HRACO’s mentorship and be a resource for Central Ohio students.

Check back for updates on the 2023 mentorship program!

Through a simple matching process, HRACO mentors will be paired up with highly motivated HR students. These students are looking for HRACO members willing to volunteer as their mentors and assist with their professional development. HRACO members are encouraged to participate by becoming a mentor.

The below program FAQ will address many questions you may have regarding expectations of the mentor and the student protégé relationship. Generally, the relationship is determined on a case-by-case basis that works well for both the mentor and the student. Once the matching process is completed, the student protégé will be asked to contact their HRACO mentor, so a mutually agreed-upon plan can be co-developed.

The Mentor Program generally begins in early to mid-October and ends in late April each year.

College students pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree focused in Human Resources.  Both the emerging HR professional (student) and mentor must be in good standing with HRACO. 

 If they are HRACO members, students learn about the program through HRACO social media, HRACO newsletters, email blasts, and attending the HRACO luncheons. Additionally, the College Relations committee communicates with various local universities’ career services departments and HR professors to notify students about the program. We are happy to hear suggestions on other ways to connect with students. The universities we work with currently include:
● The Ohio State University
● Franklin University
● Otterbein
● Ohio Dominican
● Ohio University
● Indiana Wesleyan University

Yes. For this year’s program, we are only accepting students to be mentored. However, we are exploring options for a possible expansion of the program to nonstudents in the future. In the meantime, be sure to check out our HRACO monthly meetings to network with some experienced HR professionals!

We ask that all mentor/student pairs meet for two-hour long sessions per month, or at least a total of 12 hours for the duration of the program. Meeting frequency can be flexible depending on mentor/student schedules.

Student Membership in HRACO is an annual fee of $25 ($40 if you are a fulltime student and working full time). As a member you can attend the monthly luncheon at a discounted student rate. We also offer workshops, conferences throughout the year that are discounted for members. HRACO also regularly sponsors Happy Hour networking events. We have Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that offer free meetings. Lastly, membership offers the opportunity to develop leadership skills – by volunteering on a committee.

Please email the VP of College Relations.

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