Making an Impact with Passion and Purpose

Are you ready to make a lasting impact on the world of HR? At HRACO 2025, we’re thrilled to announce our theme: “Making an Impact with Passion and Purpose.”

In a world where every decision counts, where every action shapes the future of work, we believe in the power of passion and purpose to drive meaningful change. We’re calling on speakers who embody these values, who are ready to ignite inspiration, provoke thought, and spark innovation within the HR community.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a rising star, we invite you to join us in sharing your insights, experiences, and strategies for making a real difference.

Together, let’s explore how passion and purpose can transform HR practices, elevate organizational cultures, and ultimately, create a brighter future for workplaces worldwide. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this impactful journey – apply to speak at one of  HRACO’s 2025 events today and let’s make waves together!

We want speakers who:

Topics for 2025

At this time, general speakers for 2025 have been selected. HRACO is still accepting applications for the Legal Conference and the DEIB Conferences. 

Benefits of Speaking for HRACO

Brand Exposure & Visibility

Speaking at a human resources association provides exposure to a targeted audience of HR professionals. This exposure increases visibility for your personal brand or organization, leading to enhanced recognition, reputation, and potential business opportunities.


Speaking at a HRACO provides a platform to connect with professionals in the HR field throughout central Ohio and beyond. This networking opportunity can lead to valuable relationships, collaborations, and potential future speaking engagements or career opportunities.

Credibility and Authority

HRACO regularly hosts nationally recognized speakers. Being invited to share expertise demonstrates recognition of your knowledge and experience, and positions you as an expert in the field.

Selection Process

Applications for 2025 are being accepted for Legal Conference Speakers and DEIB Conference speakers only. 

HRACO reserves the right to make last minute changes to scheduling if there is a need to adjust topics based on recent and significant changes to the HR landscape. The HRACO Programming Committee will make its final speaker selection based on a number of factors listed below. After a speaker has submitted their application, the DEI committee and Legislative Committee will contact speakers that fit the needs of their conferences. 

Recent Past Topics

We strive to provide our members with fresh and interesting content each year. Please review 2024’s past topics below before submitting your application for 2025.

To view more information about past events, please see our event calendar.

  • The Rise and Role of Generative AI in Business
  • The Future of Talent Acquistion
  • Unveiling 2024 Employee Benefit Trends and Insights
  • Strategic Career Pathing: Connecting Your Profession with Your Purpose
  • Tapping Your Last Reserve of Growth Potential
  • Thrive in the New World of Work
  • Leveraging the Employee Lifecycle for Talent Growth
  • Creating a Powerhouse of Leaders Within Your Organization
  • Unleashing the Brand Within – Personal Branding
  • What is Strategic Choice – Position Your Company for Long-Term Success

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